Slaughter House

Food to die for

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The Place

Slaughter House restaurant is a quaint destination that pays homage to some of the most famous murderers in North America.

Located in New York City in a renovated and reinvented take on the NYPD's old 65th Precinct, Slaughter House perfectly mixes the feel of a fine-dining establishment with the aesthetic of death row. The surprisingly unique and entertaining experience has kept guests coming back for their "last meals" since 1992.

The People

Slaughter House wouldn't be what it was without our staff.

Many of the people we employ are ex-convicts. We believe that rehabilitation is an important aspect to society, and through employment we aim to help with the transition from insititutional life back into the normal world. The stability in life a job can offer is proven, and we go above and beyond standard emploment practices to ensure our staff are as much of a success as our business.

The Food

Inspired by some of the most infamous murderers the World has known, you can expect the dishes we serve up monthly to be colorful in nature. From Gacy to Manson, twisted personalities are what make our dishes killer.

Of course if that's too morbid for you, we always have our regular menu as well.